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  |  77 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Documentary-style creature feature directed by Eduardo Sánchez. Five friends Brian (Chris Osborn), Matt (Samuel Davis), Dora (Dora Madison Burge), Todd (Roger Edwards) and Elizabeth (Denise Williamson) set out for a weekend of partying at a relative's cabin in the Texan wilderness. With Brian documenting their vacation, the friends are involved in a bizarre car accident en route to the cabin but can't find the animal they supposedly hit. Upon arrival, their carefree getaway is disturbed after hearing terrifying screams from the nearby woods. Encouraged by his uncle's stories, Brian sets up cameras around their camp to capture definitive proof of what he believes to be a real-life urban legend. As the noises continue, the group soon find themselves stalked by an angry and vengeful Bigfoot (Brian Steele) who doesn't want them to leave alive...