Exit Wounds Nico Under Siege

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  |  290 min
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Steven Seagal triple. In 'Exit Wounds' (2000), 50 kilos of heroin is stolen from the property vaults of a top security prison in Detroit, and all the evidence points to the officers in charge. But no one will admit anything as the heroin is worth $5m to them. Gangster Latrell Walker (DMX) is determined to find the thieves as he was due to get some big money out of the deal. But he has to deal with cop Orin Boyd (Seagal), who is also on the trail of the thieves. The two decide to join forces and try and find those responsible for this conspiracy. In 'Nico' (1988), Seagal's screen debut, former aikido instructor turned detective Nico Toscani (Seagal) discovers that a group of drug barons are about to bring chaos to the streets of Chicago. With the help of his partner (Pam Grier) he soon discovers that the drugs cartel is run by Zagon (Henry Silva), a CIA official with whom Nico had worked with during the Vietnam war. In 'Under Siege' (1992), a battleship is captured by a disgruntled CIA man and his small private army, who pose as a rock band. The only man who can save the vessel, which has nuclear capability, is Ryback (Seagal), the ship's cook and former Navy SEAL.