Fairy Tail: Part 8

  |  Buy to Own: 11/08/2014
  |  280 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Episodes 85-96 of the anime series following the adventures of a young girl who is determined to join an organisation of wizards. Membership of the organisation, known as 'Fairy Tail', is Lucy Heartfilia (voice of Aya Hirano)'s goal when she runs away from home. A boy she meets in a nearby town, Natsu Dragneel (Tetsuya Kakihara), and his talking cat, Happy (Rie Kugimiya), appear to offer a way in to the powerful guild. Can she realise her dreams and become a wizard to be reckoned with? The episodes comprise: 'Code ETD', 'Erza Vs. Erza', 'We're Talking About Lives Here!', 'For Pride's Sake, the River of Stars', 'The Apocalyptic Dragon Chain Cannon', 'The Boy Back Then', 'Dragon Sense', 'O Living Ones', 'I'm Standing Right Here', 'Bye-Bye Edolas', 'Lisanna' and 'He Who Extinguishes Life'.