Falcon Beach: The Complete Series 1

  |  Buy to Own: 04/02/2008
  |  714 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Complete first series of the Canadian drama that centres around a group of young adults of different social and economic backgrounds who cross paths in a lakeside resort town every summer. The plot focuses on the relationship between the summer cottagers and the 'townies' who live and work in Falcon Beach all year round. The townies are Jason Tanner (Steve Byers), a local jock whose father died when he was a child, Tanya Shedden (Devon Weigel), Jason's childhood sweetheart who has just returned after a four-year modelling stint in Europe, and Danny Ellis (Ephraim Ellis), Jason's best friend, an arcade manager. The cottagers are Paige Bradshaw (Jennifer Kydd), a spoiled and snobby Toronto rich girl, Lane Bradshaw (Morgan Kelly), Paige's conceited cokehead brother, and Erin Haddad (Melissa Elias), who comes to Falcon Beach every summer to be a lifeguard at the beach. Episodes comprise: 'Starting Over', 'Chemistry Lessons', 'Family Portrait', 'Getting to Know You', 'Summer Solstice', 'Wakejam', 'Local Heroes', 'The Blame Game', 'Papa Was a Rolling Stone', 'Trust This', 'Desperados', 'Reckless Love' and 'Summer's Over'.