Fame: Season 1

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2008
  |  720 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The complete first season of the award-winning TV series that portrayed the lives of a diverse group of talented high school students at New York's School of the Arts. Training hard for careers onstage, the young performers face tough competition and even rejection, along with all of the normal teenage dramas. Episodes comprise: 'Metamorphosis', 'Passing Grade', 'Tomorrow's Farewell', 'Alone in a Crowd', 'To Soar And Never Falter', 'The Sell Out', 'The Strike', 'Street Kid', 'But Seriously, Folks', 'Come One, Come All', 'The Crazies', 'Expose', 'A Musical Bridge', 'A Big Finish', 'Reunions' and 'A Special Place'.