Fanged Up

  |  Buy to Own: 30/07/2018
  |  88 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


British comedy drama in which a young, wannabe man-about-town ends up being thrown in jail and makes an incredulous discovery about its inmates and guards. After being arrested for starting a fight in a club, Jimmy Ragsdale (Daniel O'Reilly) is made to spend a weekend in Stocksville prison before his court appearance the following Monday. The least of his worries have only just begun, however, as Jimmy is overcome by an unsettling feeling when he notices that there's something different about his fellow inmates and the prison guards put in place to keep them in line. When people around him begin to vanish, Jimmy is horrified to discover that every prisoner is a provision of fresh blood for the vampire guards. Will he make it out alive?

strong gore, bloody violence
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