Father Vs Son

  |  90 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Father Vs Son Film Poster


Comedy about a father and son fighting for the affections of the same woman during the Christmas holiday. After a series of dating mishaps, Grant Coletti (Josh Dean) decides to put all his focus on his warehouse business where he sells seasonal goods, along with co-worker and friend Doug (Eric Stonestreet). When Grant's father, Jerry (Paul Wolff), comes to LA to visit his son he reveals that he and Grant's mother, Ruth (Janice Lynde), are getting a divorce. On a night out together, the father and son meet dancer Darlene (Heather Stephens). Finding her attractive, both men start spending time with her but they soon realise they can't compete forever. Matters become even more complicated when an angry Ruth turns up in LA.

Contains strong sex references
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