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  |  Watch Now: 03/10/2011
  |  96 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Psychological thriller. Phillip Jackson (Patrick Thompson), a cyber-crime investigator with the Sydney Police Force, has recently returned from Germany, where his computer hacking skills have been critical in the cracking of a bizarre 'voluntary cannibalism' case. But the details of the case, and the sights he has witnessed, have profoundly affected him, going so far as to threaten his relationship with his girlfriend Abbey (Rose Ashton). Resuming his work, he stumbles across a sexual sub-culture in which fat-admiring men seek out obese women. But one such website, FeederX.com, is going too far, with the webmaster feeding his submissive charges during live internet broadcasts, while charting their weight gain and vital bio-signs. He's also taking bets on how long it will take each 'Gainer' to die. Determined to stop the killings, Phillip tracks the site's proprietor to Ohio, where he makes a terrifying discovery.

Contains strong sex and violence
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