Films at War: Volume 1

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  |  377 min
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Collection of British war dramas. In 'Warn That Man' (1943) the Nazi secret service plots to kidnap British Prime Minister Winston Churchill from a country house by placing one of their men to pose as the home's owner. In 'The Hasty Heart' (1949) a group of soldiers are recuperating from their injuries too severe to travel back home to enjoy the victory celebrations with their friends and comrades. Under the care of Sister Margaret Parker (Patricia Neal), the multinational soldiers who go by the nicknames Yank (Ronald Reagan), Kiwi (Ralph Michael), Tommy (Howard Marion Crawford) and Digger (John Sherman) are recovering in a Burmese hospital. Recalcitrant Scotsman Corporal Lachlan (Richard Todd) joins them in a particularly tragic position: he has only weeks to live due to a kidney problem. The others try to cheer him up, but struggle to penetrate his steely facade. Will Lachlan makes some friends at last or will he die alone and bitter? In 'So Little Time' (1952) Nicole de Malvines (Maria Schell) has her family home taken over by Colonel von Hohensee (Marius Goring) as a temporary base of operations. However, Nicole's attitude towards the Colonel soon changes when she finds they share a common interest. Finally, in 'The Man from Morocco' (1945), when a group of idealistic freedom fighters led by Karel Langer (Anton Walbrook) pitch up in WWII France following Franco's triumph in the Spanish Civil War, they are distraught to find themselves designated political prisoners by the collaborationist Vichy government. Dispatched to work for the Germans building a railway in the Sahara, the men anticipate a long and brutal period of enslavement. However, one of the men manages to escape and sets out for London with vital information on the war. Will he be able to carry his message to the Allies?