Finding Altamira

  |  Watch Now: 10/07/2017
  |  93 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


1879, nine-year-old Maria Sautuola and her father, Marcelino, discover the first cave art and accomplished paintings of galloping bison. But Maria's mother, devout Conchita, is disturbed at the idea that prehistoric savages could have created such magnificent art. The Catholic Church sees this as an attack on Biblical truth. And Carthailac, the leading prehistorian, condemns Marcelino and his discovery as fakes. The family is thrown into crisis and the cave locked up. It takes all their love for each other to find a way through to redemption and recognition. From the writer of Oscar nominated Girl with a Pearl Earring, and from the director of Oscar winning Chariots of Fire, and starring Antonio Banderas (The Legend of Zorro), Rupert Everett (The Importance of Being Ernest), and Clément Sibony (The Walk, The Tourist).