Five Films By Paolo Sorrentino

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Collection of five films directed by Paolo Sorrentino. In 'The Great Beauty' (2013), Jep Gambardella (Toni Servillo) is an accomplished journalist who has made his name and reputation through his work and a largely successful novel he published as a young man. Presently a bachelor in his mid-60s, Jep spends much of his time around the upper bourgeoisie living in Rome and engages in a hedonistic and liberated life. But when he learns of the death of a former lover through her widowed husband, Jep is at once confronted with the fragility of life and the certainty of death, making him reconsider his present situation and careless existence. 'Il Divo' (2008) is an award-winning biopic of seven-times Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti (Servillo). A long-running political heavyweight in Italian politics with close ties to the Vatican, the last Christian Democratic prime minister of Italy's legacy was eventually tarnished by his being arrested on charges of colluding with the Mafia earlier in his career. The film covers the period from the seventh election of Andreotti as Italian PM in 1992, up until his trial. In 'The Consequences of Love' (2004), Titta Di Girolamo (Servillo) is a middle-aged bachelor who has been living alone for the last eight years in a Swiss hotel. Detached and isolated, he spends his days observing the guests who come to stay at the hotel. Gradually however, his controlled life begins to unravel when he starts talking to attractive barmaid Sofia (Olivia Magnani). As Titta feels himself more and more able to open up his deepest feelings, the tragic truth about his life is slowly revealed. In 'The Family Friend' (2006), a rotten loan shark infiltrates a young couple's wedding. Geremia De Geremei (Giacomo Rizzo) is a sleazy and thoroughly disagreeable old loan shark who lives with his bedridden harridan of a mum. Friendless and socially inept, he horns in on a young couple whose parents are forced to borrow from him to pay for their nuptials. The loan is made conditional upon the proud parents inviting this elderly sleaze to their child's big day, which they agree to only with great reluctance. De Geremei's interest in the pretty young bride Rosalba (Laura Chiatti) becomes decidedly unhealthy but he may have met his match in this scathing-tongued bride-to-be. Finally, 'One Man Up' (2001) simultaneously follows the successful careers of brothers Tony (Servillo) and Antonio (Andrea Renzi) during their heyday in the early 1980s. Tony is finally finding his feet on the nightclub singing circuit and his younger brother Antonio is likewise finding success as a professional football player. However, for both men, the excess and privileges that come with their fame turn out to be too much for them to handle...