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  |  Buy to Own: 04/06/2001
  |  106 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Ex-cop Walt Koontz (Robert De Niro) works as a security guard and lives in a rundown housing estate. One night he goes to help a neighbour after hearing his cries for help, but the effort causes Koontz to have a stroke, leaving him paralysed down his right side and unable to speak properly. With the onset of winter it becomes difficult for him to visit a speech therapist, so he is forced to accept help from a neighbour whom he has never really liked, drag queen Rusty Zimmerman (Phillip Seymour Hoffman). Their relationship begins in mutual suspicion, but they discover a common ground when they team together to fight the mob.

Passed '15' for some coarse language, frequent strong language, and violence
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