Flight Of The Navigator Short Circuit Merlin

  |  Buy to Own: 29/09/2003
  |  354 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A box set of family adventures. In 'Flight of the Navigator' a 12-year-old boy, David Freeman is abducted by aliens. Eight years later he returns to Earth, still as a 12-year-old but with astounding navigational powers and the ability to fly his spacecraft wherever he wants. This soon attracts the interests of top-secret government departments who view him as a security risk since his mind has become the key to travelling through time and space. In 'Short Circuit' a reclusive inventor, (Steve Guttenberg), has developed a range of robots with the ability to destroy entire cities, but at a military demonstration, robot number 5 is struck by lighting and is given a life of its own. When the Authorities want it terminated, Number Five goes into hiding with a fanatical animal lover, (Ally Sheedy), and eventually becomes a pacifist. Finally, in 'Merlin' many years ago, in a time when the Old Ways of magic were waning, evil sorceress Mab (Miranda Richardson) summoned mighty wizard Merlin (Sam Neill) into existence, giving him the power of her dark enchantments. When Merlin fell in love with the innocent Nimue (Isabella Rossellini), Mab allowed them to be imprisoned by Lord Vortigern (Rutger Hauer). Now, however, Mab has placed a curse on Arthur, the man destined to be King and Merlin, casting aside Mab's dark ways, allies himself with Arthur, determined to help him bring peace to the realm.