|  Book Tickets: 29/04/2017
  |  104 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Flora Film Poster


Dir. Sasha Louis Vukovic, 104mins, Canada, English, 2017. WORLD PREMIERE In the spring of 1929 – near the end of a golden age of exploration – an expedition of Ivy League University Botanists enter an uncharted forest on the North American frontier. Tasked to study the native flora, the students unearth a deadly organism and are soon in a fight with nature itself. They must use their limited resources to understand, survive and escape the wild and terrifying forest that surrounds them. Incredible cinematography and direction shows off the beauty of Ontario, Canada, as well as the claustrophobia of a dense forest. Flora is a brilliant début for director Vukovic, whose excellent cast deliver a refreshing take on the ‘monster-in-the-woods’ canon.