For a Good Time, Call...

  |  Book Tickets: 02/11/2012
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  |  81 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


No-holds-barred sex comedy about two 20-something women in New York who go into the telephone sex business. Lauren Powell (Lauren Miller, who also co-writes the film) and Katie Steele (Ari Graynor) knew and disliked each other at college, but when circumstance throws them together in the Big Apple a decade later it is a different story. When Lauren loses both her boyfriend and her job within days, she finds herself with no one to turn to but Katie, who confesses that she has a lucrative second job as a phone sex operator. Lauren disapproves of the profession, but with no job and limited prospects she can't afford to be moralistic for long. A bond develops between the two women as they navigate the murky waters of their profession, but will the sense of harmony last?

Contains frequent strong sex references
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