For The Boys Yanks The Rose

  |  Buy to Own: 05/02/2007
  |  407 min
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Box set containing three popular drama movies. In 'For the Boys' (1991), showbiz veterans from the World War 2 era, Eddie Sparks (James Caan) and Dixie Leonard (Bette Midler) are to be given an award at a televised ceremony. Before the show, Dixie begins to reminisce about her career and long partnership with Eddie which began in 1942 at a USO Christmas show in London. Eddie took an immediate dislike to her, but their on-stage repartie was a hit with the audience and thus began a long and successful career. This took them through the War, the McCarthy era and up to the Vietnam War, but all along their off-stage relationship never changed - Dixie even stopped talking to Eddie at one point. So this reunion for the award ceremony is not something either of them are looking forward to. 'Yanks' (1979) focuses on the love lives of three American GI's when they are posted to a Lancashire village; Sergeant Dyson (Richard Gere) who falls for the daughter of shopkeepers, but she's in love with someone else; an officer (William Devane) who has an affair with a local socialite (Vanessa Redgrave); and Sergeat Ruffelo (Chick Vennera) who has a fling with a local girl. Everything comes to a head at a dance to celebrate New Year's Eve, when the Americans experience first-hand the true impact their presence has made on the village. 'The Rose' (1979) stars Midler as rock singer Rose, whose vocal style and turbulent personal life closely resembles that of real-life pop icon Janis Joplin. When Rose asks for a break from her punishing touring schedule, her manager (Alan Bates) refuses. Dangerously burnt-out, the singer self-destructs through drink and drugs, despite her romance with a long-suffering chauffeur (Frederic Forrest).