Fred Astaire RKO Musicals Collection

  |  376 min
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Collection of four of Fred Astaire's greatest musicals that he starred in for RKO Pictures. Starring alongside other icons of the time like Ginger Rogers, Dolores del Rio and Joan Leslie, Astaire struts his stuff in 'Flying Down to Rio' (1933), 'The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle' (1939), 'A Damsel in Distress' (1937) and 'The Sky's the Limit' (1943). 'Flying Down to Rio' sees a serial womaniser up to his old tricks with an engaged woman. 'The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle' is the tale of a married couple who are ballroom dancers before the First World War. 'A Damsel in Distress' shows a young Lady faced with the responsibility of choosing her husband-to-be. In 'The Sky's the Limit' a famed pilot sneaks away from his squadron's tour and falls for a photographer while wandering incognito.