Free Fall

  |  Book Tickets: 20/09/2013
  |  Buy to Own: 27/01/2014
  |  100 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


German gay-themed drama. Marc Borgman (Hanno Koffler) has begun lagging behind his peers at the police academy due to his poor fitness levels. An altercation with his roommate Kay Engel (Max Riemelt) during a training exercise leads him to reconsider his position within the force, and while feeling ashamed of his behaviour he approaches the man to apologise. Kay is quick to forgive him for his aggression towards him and soon the pair begin jogging together. It is on one of these journeys that Kay makes a pass at Marc which leads to Marc awkwardly rebuffing his advances. Later, while expecting the birth of his first child by his girlfriend Bettina (Katharina Schüttler), Marc begins to reassess his feelings for Kay and considers the potential consequences of acting on them...

Contains strong language, sex and sex references and soft drug use
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