Freezing: The Complete Series

  |  Buy to Own: 17/12/2012
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The complete series of the anime following a boy who teams up with a girl who possesses superpowers to battle aliens. It is the near future and Earth has come into conflict with advanced beings from another dimension. The most successful way to combat the aliens, known as Nova, is to make use of the powers of genetically altered girls called Pandoras. However, to utilise their powers fully Pandoras require the support of male partners in battle. Kazuya Aoi (voice of Mitsuhiro Ichiki) duly finds himself paired with unorthodox Pandora Bridgette L. Satellizer (Mamiko Noto) and sent out to battle the Nova. The episodes are: 'Untouchable Queen', 'Pandora Mode', 'Accelerating Turn', 'Tempest Turn', 'She Is Rana Linchen', 'Machination', 'Sanction', 'Pandora Queen', 'Godspeed of the East', 'Nova Form', 'Ambush! Ravensborne Nucloechede' and 'Satellizer Vs Pandora'.