Fun With Dick And Jane

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  |  Watch Now: 09/09/1977
  |  95 min
Rated A by the BBFC


Comedy based on the novel by Gerald Gaiser. Manager Dick Harper (George Segal) and his attractive young wife Jane (Jane Fonda) are used to a comfortable lifestyle. However, just as they're putting in a new pool at the house that has sunk them deep into debt, Dick is fired from his high-paying job as an executive. Housewife Jane isn't too worried at first, figuring she'll go to work and they'll just tighten their belts for a while but it quickly becomes apparent that Dick's unemployment isn't going to go very far, and she isn't really good at anything besides spending. So when Jane inadvertently gets away with stealing $2,000, the entrepreneurial spirit takes over and the two come up with a new solution: they'll steal the money they need to live on. There's only one thing they didn't count on: being a robber is actually hard work.