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  |  180 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
#Gadhvi Film Poster


#Gadhvi (Hindi with English subtitles), India, 2018. A retired, nondescript widower Ram Nath Gadhvi inadvertently takes on the establishment and suddenly becomes a social media sensation. He begins to take on Gandhi's pacifist principles, but is no ordinary Gandhian, believing he is the reincarnation of the Mahatma itself. In the process Gadhvi attracts more and more followers, but also enemies seeking to bring him down, including hired-gun, Omkar, who has been tasked with suppressing the swelling anger against the establishment by shattering Gadhvi's delusion and crushing his core beliefs. Gaurav Bakshi's debut feature is a sharp social and political satire that plays out like a thriller where the audience is left guessing about who Gadhvi really is and if he is actually Gandhi's reincarnation. Post screening Q and A with director Gaurav Baksh.