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  |  90 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
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West-coast comedy (Scotland, that is) in which a fantasy gaming geek from the wrong side of the tracks arrives at university and discovers a whole new world. Ralph (Ross Finbow), who escapes his harsh surroundings by creating fantasy game worlds with himself as the 'game keeper', is about to start his student life. As the new term begins, he latches onto the fantasy role-playing society, and quickly manages to take control, installing himself as the new game keeper. One of the members, gorgeous goth-babe Marlyn (Danielle Stewart), who happens to believe she's an elf, immediately catches his eye, causing Ralph's hormone levels, and everything else, to rise to dangerous levels. But unluckily for Ralph, an old adversary from his previous life, acid-casualty and former dope-dealer Lennie (James Young), wants to join the party, having 'seen the light' after a particularly bad trip. Agreeing to Lennie's participation on the threat of actual bodily harm, Ralph's lustful longings for the elf-fixated goth are derailed when Lennie takes a shine to maid(en) Marlyn, laying the groundwork for a titanic tug-of-love battle.

Contains drug use and frequent moderate sex references
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