Gangs of New York/Blow/The Departed

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Collection of three acclaimed crime dramas. 'Gangs of New York' (2002) is Martin Scorsese's Academy Award-winning film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis. In 1846 New York, tensions have reached climactic and fatal proportions between the Irish immigrants and the British and Dutch inhabitants of the Five Points neighbourhood. William Cutting (Day-Lewis), aka Bill the Butcher, leads the inhabitants of Five Points and creates the 'Native Americans' gang, whilst the immigrants are led by Priest Vallon (Liam Neeson) and form 'The Dead Rabbits'. After a violent clash between the two gangs which leaves Vallon dead, his son goes missing only to turn up in 1862 under a new name and seeking vengeance for the death of his father. Amsterdam (DiCaprio), as the son is now known, manages to integrate himself into Bill the Butcher's corrupt inner circle, which is now running the entire underworld around Five Points, and even becomes his right-hand man. However, his identity is soon revealed and a bloody showdown ensues. In 'Blow' (2001), George Jung (Johnny Depp), having seen his parents defeated by poverty, vows to do better for himself, and when his marajuana dealing operation lands him in jail, the chance to join the drugs big league beckons. On release, George seizes the opportunities of the 1970s American cocaine boom, establishing himself as the man behind 85% of the country's entire supply. But George doesn't have the icy determination for a business that is lethal to its own, and soon his relationship with Mirtha (Penelope Cruz) is on the rocks and his business dissolving around him. Finally, in Scorsese's 'The Departed' (2006), the Massachusetts State Police Department in South Boston is waging an all-out war to take down the city's top organised crime ring. The key is to end the reign of powerful mob boss Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) from the inside. A young rookie, Bill Costigan (DiCaprio), is assigned to infiltrate the mob run by Costello. While Billy is working to gain Costello's trust, another young cop, Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), is quickly rising through the ranks of the state police. Earning a spot in the Special Investigations Unit, Colin is among a handful of elite officers whose mission is to bring Costello down. But what his superiors don't know is that Colin is working for Costello, keeping the crime boss one step ahead of the police. The film finally gave Scorsese his first Oscar for Best Director.