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  |  108 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Mexican comedy drama. Struggling to look after her misbehaving son Tomás (Sebastián Aguirre) his widowed mother sends him to live with his brother Sombra (Tenoch Huerta) in Mexico City. Bored of life in the apartment and the student strikes going on outside, Tomás convinces Sombra and his college roommate Santos (Leonardo Ortizgris) to help him track down washed-up musician Epigmenio Cruz (Alfonso Charpener), who Tomás has inherited his father's admiration for. After Epigmenio is hospitalised, the trio set out on a road trip to visit the musician and get his autograph. But their unplanned trip also takes them to a student party, where Sombra runs into his ex-girlfriend Ana (Ilse Salas) who decides to join the boys on their quest.