Ghett'a Life

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  |  104 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Hard-hitting Jamaican drama which examines a side of the country tourists rarely experience: the inner-city ghettos that are rife with tension and violence. The film is centred on the story of Derrick (Kevoy Burton), a 16-year-old whose driving ambition is to become a professional boxer and to represent Jamaica at the Olympic Games. However, there is a significant barrier to Derrick's ambitions: the only gym with facilities and trainers of a sufficient level to help him achieve his dream is in the rival 'garrison', or ghetto, to his. As Derrick is well aware, crossing the boundary lines of territories marked out by gangland conflict and corrupt politics carries risks, not just while in the opposing territory, but when returning to his own. Will Derrick be able to balance the pursuit of his dream with the pressing demands of inner-city divisions?

Contains strong language and violence
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