Ghost School Horror

  |  Buy to Own: 26/05/2008
  |  397 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Collection of four Korean horror movies. In 'Whispering Corridors' (1998), in an exclusive all-girls school, a former pupil returns to start a new job as a teacher and strikes up a friendship with two very different students. But when a teacher is found dead, apparently having committed suicide, circumstances that link the past and the present begin to unveil themselves. As the body count rises, the memories of past deaths begin to call forth a series of ghosts to haunt the corridors of this troubled school. In 'Memento Mori' (2004), Min-ah (Min-sun Kim) discovers a diary belonging to two girls who are friends at school and is shocked to discover that they have a more intense relationship than she suspected. As she becomes more and more obsessed over the diary, Min-ah finds it increasingly difficult to look away, and when one of the diary's authors is found dead from an apparent suicide, she starts to feel a strange presence lurking near her. Before long, the school is transformed into a place of morbid terror. In 'Wishing Stairs' (2005), there is a legend that says anyone who climbs the 28 steps to the school dormitory and counts the steps out loud will stumble across a hidden 29th step. There they will meet a spirit who will grant them a wish, and if their intentions are honourable they will be rewarded with good fortune. But at this school, where paranoia and jealousy run rampant, one girl is about to unleash evil and terror on her classmates. Finally, in 'The Voice' (2005), while training after hours in her high-school, the aspirant singer Young-eon Park (Ok-bin Kim) is mysteriously killed and her body vanishes. Her ghost is invisible and trapped in the school, but her best friend Sun-min Kang (Ji-hye Seo) is able to hear her voice.

Contains strong gore and moderate horror
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