Girdle of Gold

  |  Buy to Own: 10/09/2012
  |  59 min
Rated U by the BBFC


1950s British comedy in which a man's habit of hiding his savings in his wife's corset threatens to backfire. The film is set in a small Welsh village where everyone knows everyone. Mr Griffiths (Meredith Edwards), known locally as Griffiths the Hearse, enjoys two things in life - money and drink - and it seems probable that he'd had a good deal of the latter when he decided to hide the former in his wife's corset. For Mrs Griffiths (Maudie Edwards) has vices of her own and it is possible that her husband may not be the only man in the village with access to her girdle. Belatedly realising the folly of his actions, Griffiths and his friend, William 'the Milk' Evans (Esmond Knight), set out to track down the errant corset and the fortune it conceals. Will they succeed?

Contains no material likely to offend or harm
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