Give 'Em Hell, Malone

  |  Book Tickets: 08/03/2010
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  |  96 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Uber-violent, cartoonish, noir thriller starring Thomas Jane and Ving Rhames. Malone (Jane) is a tough-as-nails detective turned hired killer who is sent by a mysterious client to retrieve a briefcase from a building that turns out to be protected by a dangerous gang including the hulking Boulder (Rhames), crazed arsonist Matchstick (Doug Hutchison) and Mauler (Chris Yen), a Japanese girl with a penchant for very sharp knives. After a series of bloody clashes render Malone the sole survivor, he begins to suspect a set-up - and soon finds himself head to head with the city's biggest crime boss, Whitmore (Gregory Harrison).

Contains strong bloody violence
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