Global Warming

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Collection of four gay-themed shorts written and directed by Reid Waterer. In 'Daddy's Big Girl' (2008), Millie (Rakefet Abergel) tries to reconcile with her wealthy, widowed father Cliff (Christopher Bradley) after losing her job. At first the pair clash over Cliff's hedonistic lifestyle and the presence of his half-dressed male companions, but Millie begins to see her father in a different light when he finally opens up about her mother. In 'You Can't Curry Love' (2009), London based Indian Vikas (Ashwin Gore) is sent on a business trip to his homeland and falls for a local hotel receptionist (Rakshak Sahni) who shows him the hidden wonders of the country. In 'Performance Anxiety' (2012), two straight actors (Danny Lopes and Lawrence Nicols) nervously rehearse for a gay sex scene in their upcoming film. In 'Foreign Relations' (2014) young American Tom (Kevin Grant Spencer) embarks on a group tour of Europe after recently being dumped. Lacking enough money for his own room, Tom is forced to share with the handsome Greek Nikos (Anthem Moss), whose personality he can't quite seem to figure out...

strong language, sex, sex references
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