Greatest Ever Action Heroes Collection

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  |  533 min
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Collection of action movies. In 'True Lies' (1994), James Cameron's attempt at screwball-comedy and action-adventure, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as US secret agent Harry Tasker. Tasker's bored housewife, Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis), believes her husband to be a salesman, blissfully unaware of his espionage activities even after 15 years of marriage. Suspecting Helen of conducting an affair, Harry uses all the resources at his disposal to find out what's going on. He is shocked to discover that she is falling for used car salesman, Simon (Bill Paxton), who has wooed her by claiming to be a spy! However, when Helen and Harry are both captured by a gang of Arab terrorists, Harry is forced to reveal his true profession. In 'The Detonator' (2006), undercover CIA agent Sonni Griffith (Wesley Snipes) travels alone to Poland to expose an arms dealer and stop the sale of a nuclear weapon. When the arms dealer is tipped off to Griffith's identity, Griffith lands himself in prison but is quickly released by the CIA only to be given a new mission: to escort a beautiful Russian woman, Nadia (Silvia Colloca), back to the United States. Griffith soon learns that the strong-willed Nadia is being hunted by the very arms dealer that he intended to destroy, but this evil dealer will stop at nothing to get the information out of Nadia that he needs - the location of the $30 million she has hidden that will buy him a nuclear bomb. In 'Bad Boys' (1983), teenage criminal Mick O'Brien (Sean Penn) plans to rob gang member Paco (Esai Morales) during the latter's upcoming drug deal, but the plan misfires and in the confusion Mick accidentally kills Paco's kid brother. Mick is arrested and sent to prison, but Paco remains on the outside and tries to get his revenge by raping Mick's girlfriend JC (Ally Sheedy). When Paco is then himself arrested and sent to the same prison as Mick, it's only a matter of time before the inevitable confrontation takes place. In 'The Foreigner' (2003), Steven Seagal stars as Jonathan Cold, a freelance secret agent hired to deliver a mysterious package from France to Germany. The contents of the package are unknown to Cold, but he soon discovers that several different parties will go to great lengths to procure them, including political corruption, backstabbing and even murder. Finally, in 'Double Impact' (1991), twin boys (both played by Jean-Claude Van Damme) are separated in Hong Kong in 1966 when their parents are viciously murdered. Years later, Chad is an LA karate instructor, while Alex has become a mean Hong Kong street hood. When they meet for the first time as adults, the twins agree to team up and avenge their parents' deaths.