Greatest Ever Slasher Movies Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 13/10/2008
  |  463 min
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Colllection of grizzly horror films. In 'Hostel' (2005), the controversial, 'torture porn' horror from director Eli Roth, three backpackers are on a tour of Europe when they hear of a Slovakian youth hostel that is rumoured to provide some of the best hedonistic pleasures on the continent. When they arrive there however, they are soon plunged into a living hell, as the hostel turns out to be the site of a horrific club where jaded rich people can pay huge sums of money to perform unspeakable tortures. In 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (1974), loosely based on the true-life exploits of serial killer Ed Gein, a group of five teenagers drive down to Texas to check that their grandfather's grave is intact and stumble upon a farmhouse inhabited by a family of unemployed slaughterhouse workers, including the grisly 'Leatherface' (Gunnar Hansen), who wears a mask made of human flesh and wields a fearsome chainsaw. In 'Candyman' (1992), Helen (Virginia Madsen), an academic writing a book on a mythical killer known as the Candyman, decides to visit a run-down housing project where the legend is still very much part of the residents' lives. As she questions the locals about their beliefs, she hears stories of how the Candyman will apparently be summoned into corporeal existence if anyone speaks his name five times in a row. This proves too much of a temptation for the ever-curious Helen, who repeats the name and thereby unleashes a murderous force more powerful and more real than she ever expected. In 'Urban Legend' (1998), when a bizarre series of deaths occur on the campus of Pendleton college, student Natalie (Alicia Witt) starts to believe that they are somehow linked to various urban legends. Her classmates are dismissive, claiming that the deaths are just freak coincidences, but as Natalie investigates more closely she realises that not only is there a sinister pattern behind the murders, but she may well be the next victim. Finally, in 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer' (1998), Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewiit) is still understandably upset over the brutal slayings of her friends last summer. She is also wracked with guilt over her role in the death of a fisherman, and her academic studies and personal life are suffering. When her best friend Karla Wilson (Brandy) wins a luxury holiday for four in the Bahamas, Julie thinks she can finally put the events of the last year behind her - but fate has other plans in store, as chaos and horror follow the teens across the paradise island.