Gregory Peck

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Box-set containing four classic Gregory Peck films. 'Gentleman's Agreement' (1947) was the first Hollywood film to take anti-Semitism as its central theme. Journalist Phil Green (Peck) is researching a piece on discrimination against Jews. Dissatisfied with his efforts, Green decides to masquerade as a Jew in order to build up first-hand experience of prejudice. As well as Academy recognition for the film and director, Celeste Holm carried home an Oscar for her supporting role. In 'Twelve O'Clock High' (1949), Colonel Keith Davenport (Gary Merrill) is more of a friend than a commander to his men, a US bomber crew stationed in wartime Britain. After a series of dangerous missions, the pilots are living on their nerves and when Davenport is replaced by the callous General Savage (Peck), the latter's attempts to whip the crew into shape result in a deluge of requests for transfers. However, young Lieutenent Bishop (Robert Patten) rallies his fellow pilots, and soon they and Savage begin to develop a mutual respect. In 'The Bravados' (1958), Peck plays a farmer obsessed with hunting down and killing the four outlaws who raped and murdered his wife. Whilst on their trail he realises that he has been corrupted by his revenge and is no better than them. Also starring Joan Collins and Lee van Cleef. Finally, in 'The Gunfighter' (1950), disenchanted gunslinger Jimmy Ringo (Peck) is heading towards a reunion with his son, and, he hopes, a new life free of bloodshed. However, before he can reach his destination, he is confronted by a local hot-head who forces him into a shoot-out. The brothers of the young assailant vow to gain their revenge after Ringo guns him down in self-defence.