Greyfriars Bobby Beethoven K-9

  |  Buy to Own: 25/02/2008
  |  266 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Trio of dog-based films. In 'Greyfriars Bobby' (2005), the remake of the 1960 original, Bobby the Skye terrier is totally devoted to his owner, a kindly old shepherd known only as 'Old Jock'. When Jock passes away Bobby keeps a vigil by his grave, and such is his devotion to his late master that the dog is eventually made a freeman of Edinburgh. In 'Beethoven' (1992), Beethoven, a cute, small St Bernard puppy, finds refuge from animal experimenter Dr Varnick (Dean Jones) in the tidy household of George Newton (Charles Grodin). There Beethoven grows very big and causes near chaos. Meanwhile Dr Varnick thinks Beethoven an ideal subject on which to test some new ammunition. Finally, In 'K-9' (1988), an unorthodox narcotics cop (James Belushi) alienates his human partners to such an extent that the only police employee willing to team up with him is Jerry Lee - a highly-trained German Shepherd. The canine turns out to have crime-busting ideas of its own, and the two strike up an unlikely partnership, setting out to expose the brains behind a $50 million drug deal.