Gungrave: Volume 7 - To The Grave

  |  Buy to Own: 06/11/2006
  |  75 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Seventh volume of the Japanese anime series about Brandon Heat, a man betrayed and murdered by his best friend. Returning from beyond the grave to wreak his revenge, Brandon takes on the vast crime syndicate of Millennion, the first step in his remorseless quest to punish the man responsible for his death. In this instalment, it turns out that Grave's success in dismantling Millennion has come at a steep cost. The constant fighting and the many attacks he suffers have left his wounded body weakened and he may not last long enough to finish the job. Fortunately, he might not have to. The Mafia executives finally begin to openly rebel against Harry's depleted forces that are no longer strong enough to hold the organisation together. As Harry flees from the bloody chaos of his imploding organisation, he puts himself on a collision course with Grave and their bittersweet past...