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  |  97 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Gunshy Film Poster


Undercover DEA agent Charlie (Liam Neeson) is traumatised after a violent drugs bust, and joins a self-help therapy group in order to get through his final assignment - a money-laundering scam between small-time Mafioso Fulvio Nestra (Oliver Platt), drug baron Fidel Vaillar (José Zuniga) and dealer Jason. Fulvio only wants to pull off the deal in order to fulfil his ambition to become a gardener - much to the disdain of his wife - and is less than pleased when Jason begins pressuring him and Fidel to think bigger. Meanwhile Charlie - who is unaware that Jason is in cahoots with his crooked superior, Dexter - tries to take his mind off the deal by dating nurse Judy (Sandra Bullock) after she gives him an enema.

Passed '15 for coarse language and some strong violence
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