Gunslinger Girl: Volume 3 - The Silence Of The Stars

  |  Buy to Own: 31/07/2006
  |  140 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Third volume of the anime series. Henrietta was an innocent little girl when her entire family was massacred and she was left for dead. She was rescued by a privately-owned social welfare organisation and given cybernetic components over her battered body. Brainwashed by the organisation, she and four other girls now work as cold-blooded assassins, doing the dirty work for the Italian government. In this volume, Section One is investigated a grisly murder, while Henrietta and Jose are sent away for their own protection. But what does henrietta really know that is so dangerous? Episodes are: 'To Love', 'High Fever', 'Symbiosis' and 'Falling Star'.