Half Past Dead 1 And 2

  |  Buy to Own: 27/08/2007
  |  187 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Action thriller double. Steven Seagal stars in 'Half Past Dead' (2002) as Sascha Petrosevitch, an FBI agent working undercover to infiltrate a gang of crooks. His undercover operation even stretches to being incarcerated in a jail known as 'the new Alcatraz' with one of the gang members, Nick Frazier (Ja Rule). But when a corrupt prison assistant, Donny (Morris Chestnut) storms the prison demanding that a soon-to-be-executed thief tell him the whereabouts of $200 million worth of gold, Sascha must convince his fellow inmates of his true identity and foil Donny's plan - and quickly. In 'Half Past Dead 2' (2007), Burk (Bill Goldberg) and Twitch (Kurupt) are two inmates serving time at Craton Prison, a notoriously tough and violent penitentiary ruled by rival gangs. When a riot breaks out and the prison goes into lockdown, the two are forced to form an unlikely alliance to stay alive. Together, they navigate the hostile gang territory under the watchful eye of unsympathetic prison guards, in order to learn the identity of the inmate responsible for the riot. Eventually Burk discovers that gang leader, Cortez (Robert Madrid), is behind the riot - and learns to his horror that he has taken two hostages: Twitch's fiancee and Burk's daughter...