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Rated 12 by the BBFC
Half-sister Film Poster


Josiane Balasko directs and stars in this offbeat French feature following the fortunes of a woman who sets out in search of her extended family. Though Nénette (Balasko) is now 60 years old a birth defect means that she is classed with a mental age of eight. Nénette retains the happy, carefree demeanour of an eight-year-old, though the loss of her mother, who has cared for her since birth, threatens the comfort and security of her life when plans are made to put her into a retirement home. Reluctant to leave behind her way of life and a beloved pet tortoise, Nénette sets out in search of her father but instead finds her half-brother Paul Bérard (Michel Blanc), a world-weary pharmacist who isn't quite sure what to make of his sibling...

Contains infrequent drug use and one use of strong language
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