Hall Pass

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  |  101 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Farrelly brothers sex comedy starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis. Best buddies Rick (Wilson) and Fred (Sudeikis) have both been married for many years, and are worried that their relationships with their wives (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate) have lost their spark. Their wives decide to take a novel approach to the problem by granting their jaded husbands a 'hall pass': seven days of freedom to do whatever they want with whomever they want, with no questions asked. This offer sounds like a dream come true for Rick and Fred, but they quickly discover that single life is not all they had cracked it up to be - especially when their wives start indulging in a little extramarital activity of their own.

Contains strong language, sex references and crude humour
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