Halloween 1-6 (Box Set)

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  |  557 min
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The first six instalments of the horror-slasher franchise. In 'Halloween' (1978) psychotic killer Michael Myers escapes from the lunatic asylum he was confined to fifteen years before and returns to his home town of Haddonfield. Bookish babysitter Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), all alone in the house on Halloween, soon discovers that she is Michael's new target. Can Doctor Loomis (Donald Pleasence), a psychiatrist who has studied Michael's case, arrive in time to save her? 'Halloween 2' (1981) catches up with Laurie as she spends time in hospital recovering from her horrific encounter with Myers. She thinks he is now dead, but before long he has her on the run again. 'Halloween 3 - Season of the Witch' (1983) deviates from the tried-and-tested slasher formula to tell a story about an evil corporation which plans to take over the minds of the populace by transmitting hypnotic TV adverts that are received by novelty Halloween masks. 'Halloween 4 - The Return of Michael Myers' (1988) sees Michael Myers escape and return once again to Haddonfield, where he sets his sights on his niece Jaime (Danielle Harris). 'Halloween 5 - The Revenge of Michael Myers' (1989) has Jaime team up with Doctor Loomis when she senses that her uncle is about to go on the rampage once more. Finally, in 'Halloween 6 - The Curse of Michael Myers' (1995), Doctor Loomis warns the townsfolk of Haddonfield that Michael will soon make another bloody return.