Hammer: Volume Three - Blood and Terror

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Collection of four classic films from Hammer Film Productions. In 'Camp on Blood Island' (1958) the British prisoners on Blood Island learn of Japan's defeat in the war and fear that the Japanese commandant, Yamamitsu (Ronald Radd), will kill them. They attempt to hide the knowledge of their victory from the malicious commandant while they plan how to evade their captors. British officer Lambert (Andre Morell) is among the prisoners leading the escape attempt. In 'Yesterday's Enemy' (1959) Captain Langford (Stanley Baker) and his group of soldiers travel through a Burmese jungle as they are tracked by the Japanese army. When Langford's unit discovers a village commanded by the Japanese, they destroy the enemy, but Langford soon finds out that the now deceased Japanese military leader had a secret coded map. To get the map decoded the Captain goes to extreme measures - he kills two villagers to convince a prisoner to pass on information. However, Langford's brutality is nothing compared to that of the enemy. In 'The Stranglers of Bombay' (1960) Captain Harry Lewis (Guy Rolfe) sets out to investigate the reason behind the disappearance of over 2000 missing natives. He soon uncovers the Thuggee Cult of Kali, a brutal organised crime gang. Can he put a stop to the gang or will he end up as one of their victims? In 'The Terror of the Tongs' (1961) a British sea captain sets out to have his vengeance on the ruthless Tong crime gang, headed by the severe Chung King (Christopher Lee), after they murdered his daughter. Determined to protect their identities, the secret crime group murder Helena Sale (Barbara Brown), who they feared would have exposed their private matters. Helena's father, Captain Jackson Sale (Geoffrey Toone), swears to avenge her death and put an end to their reign of terror.