Hansel and Gretel

  |  Book Tickets: 16/01/2009
  |  Buy to Own: 16/01/2009
  |  Watch Now: 07/04/2011
  |  117 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


2007 Korean horror/fantasy version of the classic European fairy tale. A man, Eun-soo (Jeong-myeong Cheon), crashes his car and stumbles off into the woods, where he is found by a child. He is taken home by the girl so that he can recover with her family. Eun-soo, however, soon realises that he is trapped in their home and has little prospect of getting away. Eventually, he discovers a fairy tale book which gives him clues to an escape, but he is horrified when he realises that the main character in the book is none other than himself.

Contains strong violence, horror and theme of child abuse
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