Hardboiled 2 - The Last Blood

  |  90 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC
Hardboiled 2 - The Last Blood Film Poster


Wong Jing directs this heroic bloodshed sequel to John Woo's classic action-thriller. Andy Lau makes the mistake of travelling aboard the same plane as the Daka Lama when an assassination attempt is made by a Japanese suicide squad on the Lama. Both the Daka Lama and Lau's girlfriend are wounded and taken to the same hospital where it transpires they have the same rare blood type. The Japanese killers, unable to finish the job on the heavily guarded Daka Lama, set about killing off all potential blood donors. Andy Lau joins forces with a hardboiled cop and together they attempt to protect both the Lama and Andy's girlfriend.