Hart To Hart: Season Two

  |  Buy to Own: 09/10/2006
  |  946 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The complete second season of the popular US drama series starring Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers as Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, a pair of wealthy amateur sleuths. As a self-made millionaire and head of Hart Industries, Jonathan Hart would seem to have it all. He and and his beautiful wife Jennifer, a former freelance journalist, are able to live the high life. However, their inquisitiveness and love for hard work still keeps the Harts active and busy. And as amateur sleuths, they seem to always be finding themselves on the brink - or right in the middle - of danger. Episodes comprise: 'Murder, Murder on the Wall', 'What Murder?', 'This Lady is Murder', 'Murder is a Man's Best Friend', ''Tis the Season to be Murdered', 'Murder Wrap', 'Murder in Paradise', 'Ex-Wives Can Be Murder', 'Murder is a Drag', 'Hart-Shaped Murder', 'Slow Boat to Murder', 'Murder in the Saddle', 'Homemade Murder', 'Solid Gold Murder', 'Getting Aweigh with Murder', 'The Murder of Jonathan Hart', 'The Latest in High Fashion Murder', 'Operation Murder', 'Murder Takes a Bow' and 'Blue Chip Murder'.