Hattytown Tales: Going Fishing

  |  Buy to Own: 26/03/2007
  |  60 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


First appearing on TV in 1968, this title contains six episodes of the charming children's series. Hattytown is like any other town filled with a variety of different people going about their business, except for one unique aspect: everyone in Hattytown lives in a hat. The type of hat that they live in is a reflection of their own personalities, for example the King lives in a bejewelled crown, the policeman lives in a blue police helmet and the baker lives in a large bun.The main characters, Sancho and his best friend, Carrots the donkey, use a magic hat to journey around this fantastic world. Episodes comprise: 'Going Fishing', 'The Statue', 'Sancho's Camera', 'Posty's Old Boots', 'You Cannot Please Everyone' and 'Wash Day'.