He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe: Volume 4

  |  Buy to Own: 23/04/2007
  |  155 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Six episodes from Season 1 of the 1980s animated series about the battles and adventures of the strongest man in the world. In 'Quest for He-Man', Cringer, Ram Man and Orko travel to the desolate, barren alien world of Draenos, where Skeletor has trapped He-Man after erasing his memory. In 'Dawn of Dragoon', He-Man and Battle Cat follow Orko back to his home world, Trolla, where the evil fire-breathing Dragoon holds a reign of terror. The trio must put an end to Dragoon's rule before sundown, when their portal back to Eternia will close. In 'The Royal Cousin', Prince Adam's spoilt brat of a cousin, Prince Jeremy, comes to stay at the Royal Palace. It isn't long before Evil-Lyn recognises in Prince Jeremy's rude and brattish behaviour an opportunity to infiltrate Castle Grayskull. In 'Song of Celice', Skeletor and Evil-Lyn kidnap a young woman whose magical singing has the power to calm the fierce monster who resides beneath the city of Tarinth. Their actions jeopardise not only the city of Tarinth but also Castle Grayskull, as Skeletor plans to use the woman's powers to hypnotise the Sorceress and open the Castle's jaw bridge. He-Man and his Heroic Warriors set out to retrieve the singing woman from Skeletor's evil clutches. In 'The Return of Orko's Uncle', Orko falls under the spell of the villainous Azrog while on a mission to rescue Uncle Montork from Spydra Castle, and is set against his friends He-Man, Battle Cat and Teela. In 'Wizard of Stone Mountain', a young wizard called Malik makes a pact with an evil creature, Locus, to capture Teela and bring her to his fortress. But Malik falls under the influence of the evil Locus and He-Man and his friends must do all they can to save Teela from the destructive pair.