He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe: Volumes 1-3

  |  Buy to Own: 06/09/2004
  |  465 min
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'By the power of Greyskull...' Eighteen episodes of the 1980s animated series about the battles and adventures of the strongest man in the world. In 'The Cosmic Comet', He-Man and the other Heroic Warriors enlist the help of Zagraz the wizard to stop Skeletor using the Cosmic Comet. In 'The Shaping Staff', Evil-Lyn uses a magical 'shaping staff' to transform the Royal Family into animals. In 'Disappearing Act', Skeletor and Beast Man infiltrate the Royal Palace using invisible helmets and kidnap Prince Adam. In 'Diamond Ray of Disappearance', He-Man must destroy a magical jewel that Skeletor is using to send his victims into a distant, limbo-like dimension. In 'She-Demon of Phantos', Skeletor diverts supplies of Photanium away from the Royal Palace to make weapons for himself. 'Teela's Quest' sees Teela trying to use Man-at-Arms' new mind projector to discover who her mother is. In 'The Curse of the Spellstone', Skeletor and Evil-Lyn steal the Spellstone from the Temple of the Fire People, causing a terrible storm... In 'The Time Corridor', He-Man and his team must travel back in time to save Castle Grayskull from past destruction by Skeletor and his cronies. 'The Dragon Invasion' sees Skeletor and Beast Man steal the eggs of a dragon and hide them in the courtyard of the Royal Palace. In 'A Friend in Need', an evil sorcerer uses his magic to beguile himself to the daughter of an inventor, Zicran, who has delivered a Transmutator machine to the Royal Palace. In 'Masks of Power', two travellers visiting an ancient temple steal the Masks of Power, which are imbued with ancient and evil spirits. In 'Evil-Lyn's Plot', Evil-Lyn disguises herself as a young girl lost in the forest in order to steal the precious mineral Coridite. In 'Like Father, Like Daughter', He-Man is warned by the Sorceress that Skeletor is assembling a mighty army including terrible enemies such as Beast Man and Trap Jaw. In 'Colossor Awakes', He-Man must act quickly to reverse a spell Skeletor and his accomplices are using to turn their victims into stone. In 'A Beastly Sideshow', He-Man must rescue his friend Cringer when he is tricked by Beast Man. 'Reign of the Monster' sees Skeletor and his new allies, the Torgs, trying to awaken the giant monster Mulkram and use him to invade Castle Grayskull. In 'Daimar the Demon', Orko casts a spell to bring to life a little creature called Daimar. In 'Creatures From the Tar Swamp', Orko travels to the Tar Swamp to try to retrieve a magic medallion he once lost there, in order to impress Lady Edwina with whom he has fallen in love.