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  |  105 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


French romantic comedy starring Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis. Alex (Duris) is the original ladykiller: handsome, charming, funny and effortlessly cool. Capitalising on these assets, Alex has set up an unusual professional service: for a fee he promises to break up any unwanted relationship, converting any husband, fiance or boyfriend into an 'ex' within a specified time period. When he is hired by the father of beautiful heiress Juliette (Paradis) to get rid of her unsuitable fiance, Jonathan (Andrew Lincoln), he finds himself on a romantic mission impossible as he sets out to woo her away from her lover in just ten days. But love is an unpredictable force, and Alex soon risks becoming hoist by his own petard.

Contains strong language and moderate sexualised nudity
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