Heathcliff: Volume 1

  |  Buy to Own: 23/08/2004
  |  110 min
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The cherished pet of Nutmegs, Heathcliff's life is anything but boring. In 'The Great Pussini', an opera star comes to town and immediately takes to Sonja, winning her affection, meanwhile Heathcliff is furious. In 'Kitty Kat Kennels', Cleo's owners are going on vacation and plan to put her in a kennel, so Riff Raff and the Cadillac Cats decide to rescue her. In 'Chauncey's Great Escape', Heathcliff's friend Chauncey-the-dog is captured by the dog catcher and locked away in the pound. Heathcliff decides a dog-disguise is the way to rescue him. In 'Carnival Capers', Riff Raff, Cleo and Cadillac Cats sneak into the Space Shuttle in order to carry a homemade satellite into space and focus it towards Westminster. In 'The Mad Dog Catcher', Sonja is concerned about the dogs that are being picked up so Heathcliff investigates. In 'Circus Berserkus', the junkyard Cadillac is missing and the boys locate it in a circus - being used by clowns! In 'Rebel Without a Claw', a kitten shows up in the neighbourhood with an enormous case of hero worship for Heathcliff. In 'The Farming Life Ain't for Me', when Cleo visits her cousin in the country and takes the Cadillac Cats along, its love at first sight for Mungo and Lulubelle. In 'Heathcliff's Middle Name', a movie star named Rock comes to town to film a new movie, and Sonja is thoroughly smitten. Finally, in 'Wishful Thinking', Mungo becomes master of his very own genie when he rubs a magic milk bottle one day.