Heathcliff: Volume 2

  |  Buy to Own: 21/03/2005
  |  66 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Heathcliff: Volume 2 Film Poster


Six episodes of the children's animated series about the streetwise cat. In 'The King of the Beasts', Heathcliff is disappointed when he comes face to face with a lion at the zoo. In 'Cat Can Do', Heathcliff takes part in a race to the top of Mount Whoji. 'Smoke Gets in My Eyes' sees the Nutmeg family embarrassed by Heathcliff's behaviour on a trip to the fire station. In 'Much Ado About Bedding', Riff Raff tries to steal a four-poster bed for Cleo. 'City Slicker Cat' sees Heathcliff come up against posh feline J.B. Finally, in 'House of the Future', the cats take a trip to the Dizzyland Amusement Park.